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Conference Program Highlights Include
Trainings and Updates:

~FEMA OR BiOp, Letter of Map Changes,
Regional updates, 
NFIP 101,
CFM Review & more

~Floodplain Career Path and
Young Leaders Discussions

~Local and regional mapping and
modeling examples and principles

~Project covering multiple benefits,
site specific channel improvements,
and risk assessment tools & more

Field Trip:
~Tour of Local Yakima  Floodplain Projects
including Eschbach Park Levee
~Removal, Ramblers Park & SR24 Gap to
Gap Floodplain Restoration,
and Boise Cascade Levee Breaching

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August 26, 2016!



Chapter & State Alert:

Private Flood Insurance Bill Poses Threat to Taxpayers and Consumers-Urgent Action Requested by Sept. 6
August 16, 2016
TO: ASFPM Chapter Contacts 1 & 2, State Floodplain Managers & State Hazard Mitigation Officers
FROM: ASFPM Executive Office
Private Flood Insurance Bill Poses Threat to Taxpayers and Consumers-Urgent Action Requested by Sept. 6
On April 28, 2016 a bill passed the House to make it easier for private flood insurance policies to be written in lieu of NFIP policies to meet the mandatory purchase requirement. Proponents wanted to ensure that switching between private and NFIP policies wouldn't jeopardize grandfathering and sought authority for state insurance commissioners to make decisions as to which private policies are satisfactory to meet the NFIP's mandatory purchase requirement. However, the proposed bill goes much farther than addressing these two issues and will have serious impacts to the other elements of the NFIP (mapping, floodplain management and mitigation) as well as giving unfair advantages to private flood policies over NFIP policies. ASFPM has developed several amendments that would remedy these impacts. The bill, HR 2901 has a companion bill in the Senate (S 1679). The Senate could take either one of them up. To further understand the ramifications of the bill, please refer back to this article that appeared in the May 2016 Insider newsletter.
ASFPM is not opposed to an expanding role for private market flood insurance. However, we believe any additional changes to the NFIP to facilitate private market expansion must not adversely impact flood mapping, flood mitigation and floodplain management elements of the NFIP. Ultimately ASFPM believes there is a path where a strong NFIP and strong private market can co-exist side by side, but it must be done in a fair and transparent manner.
Take Action!
Since it has already passed the House, proponents of the bill are trying to fast track this in the Senate using a process called Unanimous Consent, which is usually reserved for non-controversial bills, or they will try to attach it to another piece of legislation that does pass. This could occur next when the Senate reconvenes in September. ASFPm is asking this be slowed down so debate and discussion can happen and amendments can be considered to address the really troubling issues. In fact, the preferred path is that these reforms should be considered as part of a comprehensive NFIP reauthorization in 2017 since it has implications on many parts of the NFIP beyond insurance.
Please contact your senators either by email or phone, or better yet with a chapter/state letter. Our chapters in Illinois and New York have written their own letters, which are good examples of what you might include in your letters:
See Illinois Association for Floodplain and Stormwater Management letters to Sen. Richard Durbin and Sen. Mark Kirk.
See New York State Floodplain and Stormwater Managers Association letters to Sen. Charles Schumer and Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand.
We are asking you to take action by Sept. 6, which is when the Senate reconvenes in Washington DC. Even if you cannot make the Sept 6 deadline, still reach out and make your voice heard! If the private flood bill isn't taken up in September there is an opportunity for it to happen in December or to be rolled in to the 2017 reauthorization of the NFIP. Letters, emails, calls or meetings are all ways you can reach out to your senator. In fact, right now most senators are in the states working with constituents.
If you have any questions or would like to set up a call or teleconference to better understand these bills or ramifications of them, please contact ASFPM Director Emeritus Larry Larson at or ASFPM Executive Director Chad Berginnis at or calls at (608)826-6338.
Thank you in advance for your support and swift action!

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Welcome to NORFMA

NORFMA is a nonprofit organization for regional networking and support on issues of environmental quality, economic sustainability, and scientific discovery on a watershed basis. The Association provides a channel for regional communication and cooperation in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, British Columbia and Alaska.

Our mission is to: 

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  • Promote educational programs on floodplain and water shed management topics.

  • Increase public awareness of the value and function of floodplains.

  • Encourage government involvement in programs to reduce flood damages and to protect, manage, and restore floodplains.