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Northwest Regional Floodplain Management Association

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FEMA Updates Policy on Labor Costs for Emergency Work


This policy provides guidance on eligible 
labor costs for an applicant's permanent, temporary, and contract employees who perform emergency work (Category A and Category B). Changes to this final policy from the previous version are as follows:

Additional authority cited in section V; the addition of a definitions section (section VII) to define terms used in the policy; revisions to the policy section (section VIII) that establish requirements for reimbursement based on predisaster labor policies; a clarification citing the authority for mutual aid agreements to which the Recipient/

Subrecipient must comply; provides flexibility for reimbursement of costs for personnel that preposition assets prior to an event to support the performance of eligible emergency work; deletes ``standby time'' as an ineligible cost; and addresses the issue of 24-hour work shifts for firefighters and other personnel performing emergency work when supported and determined reasonable. FEMA received one comment on the proposed policy.



Federal Register

Regulation Docket


OR CONTACT:  William Roche, Federal Emergency

Management Agency, 500 C Street SW., Washington, DC 20472-3100, 202-



The Climate Impacts Group is pleased
to share the following new reports and
papers with you. All of these documents
are available for download from the
Climate Impacts Group 


Available Short Courses

Two-Dimensional Modeling
January 27-29, 2016
University Place, WA


 Online Master of Infrastructure
Planning & Management
Floodplain Management Degree Option

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Welcome to NORFMA

NORFMA is a nonprofit organization for regional networking and support on issues of environmental quality, economic sustainability, and scientific discovery on a watershed basis. The Association provides a channel for regional communication and cooperation in Oregon, Washington, Idaho, British Columbia and Alaska.

Our mission is to: 

  • Provide for free exchange of ideas and information among members.

  • Support the integration of multi-disciplinary programs and interests in floodplain management.

  • Promote educational programs on floodplain and water shed management topics.

  • Increase public awareness of the value and function of floodplains.

  • Encourage government involvement in programs to reduce flood damages and to protect, manage, and restore floodplains.