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Event Archives
 September 17-20, 2013  
Stevenson, Washington  
Skamania Lodge
 NORFMA Annual Conference - BROCHURE
Integrating ESA into the NFIP - John Graves (FEMA Region X)
2012 Biggert-Waters Act and New NFIP Requirements - Deborah Farmer (FEMA Region X)
USACE Silver Jackets Program - Mamie Brouwer (USACE Seattle District)
Next Steps for Integrated Floodplain Management - Jim Kramer (Kramer Consulting)
ASFPM Foundation, Dave Carlton (Atkins Global, STARR Team, FEMA Region X)
The Land Surveyor’s Integral Role in the NFIP- Terry Milstid (Pierce County)
CRS Credits - French Wetmore (French and Associates)
Building Support for a Flood Control Zone District - Christina Wollman (Kittitas County)
Estimating Ungauged Local Inflows for Unsteady Flow Hydraulic Modeling - Eset Alemu and Henry Hu (WEST Consultants)
Social, Economic and Environmental Consequences of Sea Level Rise on the City of Vancouver - Tamsin Lyle (Ebb Water Consulting)
FEMA Region X Mitigation Div - State of the Region
Reversing Floodplain Determinations: Saving Property Owners Money with Local Data - Dennis Dixon (Pierce County)
Dam and Levee Failures: Understanding Inundation Analysis - Chris Goodell (WEST Consultants)
WSDOT Dolotimber Project: SR20 Skagit River - Jim Park (WSDOT)
PL 84-99 Mitigation on the Skagit River: Realignment of Cumberland Creek - Travis Ball (USACE, Seattle District)
Sediment Transport and Management of the Lower Cedar River in Renton, WA - Peter Brooks (Northwest Hydraulic Consultants)
Future 2 - Dimensional Capabilities of HEC-RAS - Chris Bahner (WEST Consultants)
Calistoga Setback Levee Project: Design, Permitting and Funding Challenges Perspectives - Ken Wolfe (City of Orting)
Levee Maintenance and Repair Permitting Challenges - Rance Smith and Todd Essman (Pierce County)
Oregon Update
Washington Update
Puget Sound FbD A Multiple Benefits Approach to Floodplain Management
ASFPM Benefits, Valerie Swick (Flood Control District of Maricopa County, AZ)