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NORFMA Annual Conference
September 23 - 25, 2015
Getting Community Support - High Water Marks and Photo Records
Alan Lulloff (ASFPM)
Idaho Mitigation Successess: Past, Present and Future
Clare Marely (Bonner County, ID)
 Idaho Mitigation Successess: Past, Present and Future
Mike Lien (Friends of the Teton River)
Managing Varied Development in Floodplains
David Miles (City of Meridian Public Works Department)
Managing Varied Development in Floodplains
Mike Williams (City of Eagle)
Managing Varied Development in Floodplains
Angela Gillman (Ada County Development Services)
CRS - How One Community Survived the New CRS Manual, Barely
Dennis Dixon (Pierce County Surface Water Management) 
 Region X Elevation Certificate Error Checking Tool
Becca Croft (Atkins Group)
 Continuous Simulation Used to Develop Hydrology for Flood Hazard Re-Study in Spokane County Michael Rotar (RESPEC Consulting and Services)
Idaho Mitigation Successess: Past, Present and Future
Joe Kaufman (City of Lewiston, ID) 
Using the Silver Jackets Team To Effectively Mitigate Flood Risk After Wildfires
Ellen Berggren (US Army Corps , Walla Walla District)
New Federal Flood Risk Management Standard (FFRMS)
Resulting From Executive Order 13690
Karen Wood-McGuiness (FEMA Region X)  
Guidance to Local Governments on Frequently Flooded Area Updates in CAO's
David Radabaugh (WADOE) 
 Your Zoning Ordinances - Help or Hindrance To Floodplain Management
Angela Gilman (Ada County Development Services)
 Floodplains By Design - A Collaborative Approach To Managing Our Floodplains for Humans and Habitat
Michelle Gilbert (WDOE)
A Geodesign Inspired Multiple Criteria Decision Tool For Prioritizing Levee
Setback Project Sites
Jesse Reynolds (Otak Consulting) 
 Calistoga Setback Levee for Integrated, Innovative and
Ecological Floodplain Management
JC Hungerford (Parametrix)
Using PL 84-99 Program Mitigation and Natural Floodplain Processes to Reconnect Cumberland Creek to the Skagit River
Travis Ball (US Army Corps of Engineers, Seattle District) 
 Using Risk Map for Floodplain Management and Mitigation
Kelly Stone (FEMA Region X)
 Flood Management and Mitigation Using Roadway Imagery
Roger Chappell (H&R Roadview LLC)
 Flood Risk Disclosure: Assessor Property Page and Pierce County
Owned Floodplain Property Sign
Hans Hunger (Pierce County Surface Water Management)
Washington State Evolves Floodplain Management
Jeffree Stewart (WDOE) 
New Tools for Integrating Channel Migration Into Floodplain Management
Nick Legg (Cardno) 
Floods, Fish and FEMA: What the NMFS BiOp Means for Oregon
Sarah O'Brien (Willamette Partnership) 
 Engineering and Biological Considerations for Restoring Off Channel and Floodplain Habitats in the Freshwater Columbia River Estuary: Lessons Learned
Marjorie Wolfe (Wolf Water Resources) Jeremy Lowe (ESA=PWA)
 Real Time Flood Warning System
Ken Puhn (West Consultants)
SRH-2D Modeling of SR 107 Bridge and Flood Scour Mitigation Analysis
Ray Walton (West Consultants) 
 The Seven Building Blocks - NAI Best Practices
Alan Lulloff (ASFPM)
Approaches Regarding Encroachments
Alan Lulloff (ASFPM) 
 Certificate Case Study - City of Brevard, NC
Alan Lulloff (ASFPM)
 Washington Silver Jacekts: A Forum for Statewide Flood Risk Coordination
and Interagency Studies
Travis Ball (US Army Corps of Engineers, Seattle District)
 Snohomish County Flood Mitigation Experiences
David Wilson (Snohomish County Public Works)
Nooksack River Floodplain Evaluation
Sky Miller (Cardno), Paula Cooper (Whatcom County) 
Developing an Advanced Mitigation Program for Floodplain Functions:
Oregon Dips Its Toes in the Water
Nicole Maness (Willamette Partnership) 
Multi Benefit Restoration Of Aquatic Systems:
Lessons Learned for Integrated Floodplain Management
Michael Garrity (Willamette Partnership) 
Integrated Floodplain Management In Urban Systems:
Opportunities and Challenges in the City of Portland, OR
Maggie Skenderian (City of Portland) 
 Country Homes Boulevard Restoration – A Collaborative Design Effort:
Full-Scale Floodplain Analysis and a Large Regional Water Quality Retrofit
Project in a Highly Developed Urban Area
Collen S. Little (Spokane County Engineering Dept.)
Jane Clark (Spokane County Engineering Dept.)
Floodplain By Designs Grant Work Session - Bring Your Project Ideas, p. 1
Michelle Gilbert (WA Dept Ecology) 
 Floodplain By Designs Grant Work Session - Bring Your Project Ideas, p. 2
Michelle Gilbert (WA Dept Ecology)
 NAI Case Studies - Limiting Impacts of Hazardous Materials,
Dry Land Access, Obtaining Easements
Alan Lulloff (ASFPM)
 NAI State Local Success Stories
Angela Gilman (Ada County, ID)
Getting Community Support - High Water Marks and Photo Records
Alan Lulloff (ASFPM) 
 Retrofitting Floodprone residential and Non-Residnetial Structures And Selling the Idea Wallace Wilson (WA Wilson Consulting Services,LLC)
Solving the Problem of Fires and Floods Using Flood Control Districts
Katherine Rowden (National Weather Service / NOAA) 
Solving the Problem of Fires and Floods Using Flood Control Districts
Jason Detamore (Chelan County) 
Update On ESA Efforts
Scott Van Hoff (FEMA Region X) 
 Update on BW-12 and Homeowners Flood Insurance Affordability Act (HFIAA) Implementation Efforts
Deborah Gauthier (FEMA Region X)
Sea Level Rise and Tsunami Preparedness: Various Approaches from Washington's Shoreline Management Program Update Process
Jeff Parsons (Herrera Environmental Consultants) 
 FEMA Mitigation Grants How To
Steven Randolph (FEMA)
 Local Mitigation Grant Examples
Mitigation Grant Team (Local) - TBD
 Local Mitigation Grant How To
Mitigation Grant Team (Local) - TBD
 Erosion Hazards and CMZs
Alan Lulloff (ASFPM) 
 Region X - Fish Friendly Ordinances & ESA
Alan Lulloff (ASFPM)
Local Ordinance Review Working Session - Bring your Ordinance to Examine
Alan Lulloff (ASFPM)
PL1-1 2015 ASFPM Foundation PPT 2015 SWood 
PL1-2 FEMA-X NORFMA 2015- State of the Region
PL2-1 NORFMA WA State Update - General Presentation2 - Radabaugh
Q2-NORFMA HMGP Grants – Part of the Solution 
Q3 - NORFMA CONF Alward Rd Acquisition Project
 R2_square peg - NFFA presentation