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CRS Users Group

We offer training, mentoring and encouragement communities in the CRS or looking to join. Certified Floodplain Managers can also earn continuing education credits for attending. 


Quarterly meetings will be held 1pm - 3pm at the Pierce County offices just off I-5 in Tacoma
at the Tacoma Mall Plaza, 2702 S 42nd St., Room 106. 

A Skype connection is available for those who cannot travel to Tacoma. 

Contact Dennis Dixon or view our event calendar for upcoming dates.
(253) 798-3696  |

Please email or call if you have any questions or if you have particular topics you would like to see addressed. 

Oregon CRS Users Contact
 is Ray Joseph |

CRS Users Group - Tools

CRS Resources home page – for the manual, checklist and training materials


FloodSmart CRS page – “official site of the NFIP”


FEMA site for CRS information and supporting documents for EMI Course

Other CRS Users Group Sites

CHOST - Coastal Hazards Outreach Strategy Team (Mississippi)


Colorado Association of Stormwater and Floodplain Managers


FAST – Floodplain Awareness Success in Texas (Houston area)


Florida Division of Emergency Management


King County Users Group – Washington


MOKAN CRS Users Group – Missouri & Kansas